1. Advertising Format:
All adverts published by Focus Publications are printed in high resolution and full colour. Advertisers are advised that for good quality reproduction advertising masters should be submitted at maximum resolution. The editor is not responsible for poor quality of reproduction due to poor quality masters.

Advertising in Focus Publications is accepted at the discretion of the editor. Items deemed to be inappropriate or misleading will be refused.  
Advertising can be accepted in standard format (hardcopy), by Email or in PC format either as an Email attachment or by disk or static memory device.
Advertising instructions received over the phone will be printed as notified.
No proofs will be supplied unless requested by the advertiser.
If use is made of Focus Publications design service then an advert will be produced by mutual agreement.

Items submitted as masters for publication will not be returned unless requested by the advertiser.

Adverts must be submitted at least 2 weeks before publication.
Adverts will not be accepted if they infringe any copyright, company trademark, or are judged to unlawful in any way.

2. Advertising Rates
Advertising rates are published and available on request at any time.
Advertisement rates are subject to increase at any time without reference to the advertiser. Advertisers have the option to cancel without surcharge or continue at the revised rates.

Design support for advertisers is free however charges will be made to the advertiser where the printers are involved in extra production work as a result of specific requirements by the advertiser.

3. Customer Details
All advertisers must supply details of their postal address before their advert will be accepted. Invoices will be posted to this address. An Email address can also be accepted for Invoices if requested.

Any queries or dispute relating to any invoice issued must be raised by the advertiser within 1 week of receipt otherwise the invoice will be deemed
accepted. The editor reserves the right to cancel an advertisers account credit if they are unacceptably late with payments.

4. Payments
Payment for advertising is on account and advertisers are allocated a unique number. Payments are made in association with this number. Advertisers will be  Invoiced for their advert once agreement has been reached and prior to publication. Unless payment has been made in advance, accounts shall be paid on receipt of Invoice.
Payments that are made in advance must be received two weeks before copy deadline for the issue in question.

5. Cancellation
Both parties shall have the right to cancel advertising without liability to the other party provided that notice to cancel is received in adequate advance of the publication deadline date. Notification can be in writing, by Email or by phone.

6. Revision of Terms
Focus Publications reserves the right to change and revise the terms as appropriate.

7. Liability and Indemnity 
Focus Publications  will not be liable for any loss or damage direct or consequential, occasioned by error in the insertion of or omission to insert any advertisement. In the event of a dispute please contact the Editor at:
18, Mortimer Place, Clare, Suffolk CO10 8QP
Community magazine publishing for South West Suffolk
Tel: 01787 278327
Email: editor@clarefocus.org
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